Vocabulary Sentence Completion 5

Vocabulary Examination – Sentence Completion
These tests improve your vocabulary, ability to follow the internal logic of sentences and elimination skill process.

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1. ________ animals are able to survive easily in the wilderness because, for example, they can live on berries or insects.


2. Being able to afford this luxury car will ________ getting a betterpaying job.


3. The new actress’s talents were severely ________ by the local critics; she went on to be a distinguished member of a well-respected acting company.


4. The young, thin boy surprised his wrestling opponent with his ________ strength.


5. Furious that Lou had lied about his references, Noi ________ her decision to promote him to assistant manager.


6. Since the judge hearing the case was related to one of the defendants, she felt she could not offer a truly ________ opinion.


7. Standing on the ________, the preacher greeted the parishioners every Sunday morning.


8. The spectacular presentation by a rainforest adventurer ________ Simon with the desire to travel to South America to see the jungles for himself.


9. Terreh was able to ________ the traffic jam by taking a series of oneway streets that led to the bridge.


10. We could not describe the scene before us; it was filled with such ________ beauty.


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