Vocabulary Sentence Completion 4

Vocabulary Examination – Sentence Completion
These tests improve your vocabulary, ability to follow the internal logic of sentences and elimination skill process.

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1. The paper was ________ so that it could be easily removed from the bound notebook.


2. Jack Nicholson was at the ________ of his career when he received the Oscar for Best Actor.


3. Ron has few friends because he is ________ and cares only about himself.


4. Ethan’s responses when he spoke on the telephone were ________ and he nearly always made his customers think he was rude.


5. The artist drew the picture with such ________ that it was possible to count every blade of grass that he painted.


6. Arnie becomes so ________ when he talks about painting that it is hard not to be infected by his enthusiasm.


7. Sick and tired of her boring job, Cecilia began to ________ what it would be like to quit.


8. The way my father likes to ________with any salesperson to see if he can bargain for a lower price is embarrassing.


9. The ski lodge had a window that looked out upon a beautiful mountain ________.


10. After the debate, Karim ________ upon many of the campaign issues in a series of detailed editorials.


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