Vocabulary Sentence Completion 23

Vocabulary Examination – Sentence Completion
These tests improve your vocabulary, ability to follow the internal logic of sentences and elimination skill process.

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1. While the king and the members of his court lived in the most opulent luxury, the peasants in his kingdom lived in the most ________ poverty.


2. In the middle of his eloquent ________, the audience suddenly broke into applause.


3. Daniela found the unchanging rhythm of the musical piece to be annoyingly ________.


4. As the ________ in Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is a hero able to capture the audience’s sympathy by continually professing his love for Juliet.


5. Charlie’s ________ behavior made it clear that he had been highly educated in matters of etiquette.


6. The candidate’s inappropriately sexist remark was met with a ________ of denunciations from the angry crowd.


7. The proposed design includes many ________ features that are not functional and can be eliminated to cut costs.


8. The film was completed on schedule despite the ________ circumstances regarding the location and extreme weather conditions.


9. Giulia soon discovered the source of the ________ smell in the room: a week-old tuna sandwich that one of the children had hidden in the closet.


10. Searching frantically to find the hidden jewels, the thieves proceeded to ________ the entire house.


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