Vocabulary Sentence Completion 13

Vocabulary Examination – Sentence Completion
These tests improve your vocabulary, ability to follow the internal logic of sentences and elimination skill process.

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1. Going away for spring break was not in the ________ of possibility, since neither Helga nor Olga had any money.


2. We found that the gallons of water we had brought on our hike were ________, and we had to carry the extra bottles home.


3. The professor studied the ________ physics of ballet dancers and even published a study on the topic of dancers and movement.


4. After being cleared of all charges for slander, the attorney was able to go back to work and ________ his role as a prosecutor.


5. For a(n) ________ fee, it is possible to upgrade from regular gasoline to premium.


6. ________ laughter came from the upstairs apartment where Trang was having a graduation party.


7. Racha’s glance was a ________ invitation to speak later in private about events of the meeting.


8. When people are in love, they may find their beloved’s ________— often annoying to or disparaged by others—to be charming and endearing.


9. During his ________ in office the mayor made several controversial decisions about city planning.


10. The settlers decided to build their town at the ________ of two rivers; that settlement became the city of Pittsburgh.


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