TOEFL Preparation Grammar Test 73

TOEFL Preparation – Grammar Test
General English Grammar Questions and Answers

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1. Despite his tremendous intellectual efforts he could not ________


2. Good leaders know mass emotions well and ________ them to an extraordinary degree.


3. Although he was aware of the futility of his plans, he insisted on their ________


4. People who have never realized the importance of ________ decision making often find the work tedious and skip it whenever they can.


5. If you are ________ by your shortcomings, you will not be able to overcome them.


6. Effective decision makers know how to go ________ weighing up the pros and cons, how to meet deadlines, and how to consult others for advice.


7. Australia is ________ all over the world for worldclass academic opportunities for international students.


8. Ineffective decision makers are fearful ________ taking charge of their lives.


9. Effective decision makers on the other hand have a ________ in their step.


10. Because of his caustic tongue, he was not at all ________ in his village.


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