TOEFL Preparation Grammar Test 53

TOEFL Preparation – Grammar Test
General English Grammar Questions and Answers

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1. The director agreed to remove the ________ material from the play after the public raised an outcry.


2. Chocolates are the real ________ of most people who want to lose weight.


3. During his speech, he made a/an ________ to the lateness of the hour.


4. After much persuasion he ________ to our views.


5. I am not quite sure if he is genuinely unwell. I think he is ________ a migraine to avoid the exam.


6. The Union Ministry has decided that patrols will be increased along the border to ________ smugglers.


7. It only requires a modicum of common sense to understand that the whole plan is a ________


8. After she married against her parents’ wishes, she was ________ by all her family and friends.


9. On my way to the market I ________ with an old friend.


10. The police ________ the robbers and arrested them.


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