TOEFL Preparation Grammar Test 51

TOEFL Preparation – Grammar Test
General English Grammar Questions and Answers

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1. I wish you ________ keep to the subject instead of digressing like this.


2. Such was Damayanti’s beauty ________ princes from far and near came to woo her.


3. I would rather be a doctor ________ a lawyer.


4. He has been working here ________ three years now.


5. I saw him two months ________


6. Clever ________ he was, he could not solve the problem.


7. He was foolish ________ to listen to her.


8. ________ he was clever, he could not solve the problem.


9. ________ you give the keys of the safe you will be shot.


10. Strong ________ the elephant was, it could not face the swift leopard.


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