TOEFL Preparation Grammar Test 24

TOEFL Preparation – Grammar Test
General English Grammar Questions and Answers

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1. The problem of rural poor was brought into a ________ focus during the Sixth Plan.


2. The Seventh Plan too ________ the importance of growth with social justice.


3. An individual with an iron will, will have the stamina to stick to his decisions and task, no matter the ________ are.


4. You need all the will power you can muster to ________ the temptation to give up.


5. Rural poverty is ________ linked with low rural productivity and unemployment.


6. Ever since the ________ of planning, the policies and the programmes have been designed with the objective of alleviating rural poverty.


7. It is true that there has been a considerable ________ in the incidence of rural poverty over time.


8. Strong will power enables a leader to develop good habits ________ for successful leadership.


9. You must ________ the habit of admitting your mistakes boldly.


10. One needs a good deal of will power to ________ with a difficult task under trying conditions.


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