TOEFL Preparation Grammar Test 17

TOEFL Preparation – Grammar Test
General English Grammar Questions and Answers

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1. Through decades there have been a public ________ against corruption, administrative inefficiency and unresponsiveness.


2. Gandhiji was a great supporter of social equality. He felt that the evils of untouchability are against the dictates of ________


3. All of us should understand that crime never ________


4. Sometimes when two is a company, three can be a ________


5. Smooth complexioned with shining eyes, she had a radiant appearance which at once ________ every body.


6. Success cannot ________ one who mentally and physically associates oneself with the project in hand.


7. Sometimes success is just a matter of your ability to hang ________


8. Parents should ________ on their children that education is the most important qualification they need in life.


9. The disenchantment of women with post independence development scenario is justified since developmental progress has failed to ________ women and continue to serve the ends of patriarchy.


10. India is home to the world’s largest number of ________ children under the age of five years.


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