Quantitative Aptitude Test 49

Quantitative Aptitude

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1. The monthly salary of Mr. Anand is Rs. 8500. He spends 20% on education of his children, 25% as house rent, 30% on food, 5% on travels, 8% on miscellaneous things and rest he saves. Find his annual savings.


2. The retail price of rice decreased from Rs. 16 kg to Rs. 12 per kg. Find the percentage decrease.


3. A woman buys 9 oranges for Rs. 90 and sells 8 oranges for Rs. 88. How much per cent loss or profit does she make ?


4. 35% of 160 + 60% of 80 is what % of 312 ?


5. If 201 bahanas can be bought for Rs. 15, how many can be bought for Rs. 5 ?


6. If the radius of a circle is increased 2 times, what will be the percentage increase in its area ?


7. There are two taps, first tap fills tank P and second tap fills tank Q. The rate of flow through second tap is twice of that through the first tap. Tank P gets filled up in 4 hrs and tank Q gets filled up in 6 hrs. Find the ratio of the capacities of the two tanks.


8. Ram and Shyam enter into a partner-hip with capitals in the ratio of 7 : 9. At the end of 8 months, Ram withdraws. ifthey receive the profits in the ratio of 8 : 9 find how long Shyam’s capital was used.


9. The cost price of 20 combs is equal to selling price of 25 combs. Find the loss per cent’?


10. Sita, Gita and Rita invest money in a business on the ratio of 4 : 5 : 6 respeetively. If share of Rita,on total profit is Rs. 16,500 then find the total profit.


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