Quantitative Aptitude Test 35

Quantitative Aptitude

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1. In how many years will a sum of Rs. 800 at 10% annum compounded semi-annually become Rs. 926.10 ?


2. A man purchased sugar worth Rs. 400. He sold (3/4) th at a loss of 10% and the remainder at a gain of 10%. On the whole, he gets


3. The unit’s digit in the product (2467)153 ´ (341)72 is :


4. A grocer sells rice at a profit of 10% and uses weights which are 20% less than the market weight. The total gain earned by him will be :


5. A woman travelled a distance of 80 km in 7 hours partly on foot at the rate of 8 km/hr and partly on bicycle at 16 km/hr. Find the distance travelled, by her on foot.


6. A dealer sold three-fourth of his articles at a gain of 20% and the remaining at C.P. The gain earned by him in the whole transaction is :


7. If the compound interest on a certain sum for 2 years at 10% per annium is Rs. 2 100, the simple interest on it at the same rate for 2 years would be :


8. A sum of money doubles in 8 yrs. In how many years will it become four fold?


9. The selling price of an article is Rs. 39. If its cost price is numerically equal to its profit percent, then its cost price (in Rs.) is :


10. A man mixes 5 1tr. of whisky at Rs. 600/ltr with 6 ltr. of whisky at,Rs. 540/ltr. How many litres of water must be added to make the average value of the rnixture at Rs. 480/ltr ?


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