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Quantitative Aptitude Test 33

Quantitative Aptitude

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1. The value of J between 0° and 360° satisfying sinJ = 1/2 and tanJ = -1/Ö3 is equal to:


2. Three persons walking around a circular track complete their respective single revolution in 15 1/6 seconds, 16 1/4 seconds and 18 2 seconds respectively. They will be again together at the common starting point after an hour and


3. A nine digit number in which zero does not appear and no digits are repeated has the following properties:
The number comprising the leftmost two digits is divisible by 2, that comprising the leftmost three digits is divisible by 3, and so on. The number is:


4. If log103 = 0.4771 and log107 = 0.8451, then the value of log10(23 1/3 ) is equal to:


5. The G.C.D. of the numbers 595 and 252 is equal to:


6. The value of 2log105 + log108 – (1/2)log104 is equal to:


7. The value of ( logaX/logabX )logab is equal to:


8. If sinJ = b/a, then is equal to :


9. The value of logba ´ logcb ´ logac is equal to:


10. A flexible rod A held vertically with its end A on the ground, is bent at a point C lying at a distance of 4 m from A. Its end B, then touches the ground at a distance of 3 m from A. The length of the rod is:


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Weird Insects


Aristotle described a peculiar bloodless animal that emerged from near the Black Sea and perished just a day later. He named the creature the ephemeron, meaning oneday living. Today we have another name for this insect: the mayfly. The great philosopher wasnt quite correct in saying it has a 24hour existence, but he was close. Though mayfly youths can live from several months to several years in streams or decaying matter, their adult lives are indeed short, lasting as little as three hours for some species. As mature adults, they have only one goal