Quantitative Aptitude Test 32

Quantitative Aptitude.

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1. If for the year 2000, the builder was left with five flats, can you find the number of flats sold in the year 1996?


2. How many articles were sold ?

I. Total profit earned was Rs. 1,596/-.
II. Cost price per article was Rs. 632/-.
III. Selling price per article was Rs.765/-.


3. What is the twei digit number ?

I. Number obtained by interchanging the digits is more than the original number by 9.
II. Sum of the digits is 7.
III. Difference between the digits is 1.


4. Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
In the year 1996, a builder offered flats of covered area 2825 square feet each for Rs. 10,24,000. The response was very poor. In the year 1997, he offered the same flats for Rs. 8,32,000 each. Again, very few enquiries came and only ten flats were sold. In the year 1998, he offered the same flats for Rs. 6,76,000 each. This year he could sell 24 flats. But still 46 flats remained unsold. In the year 1999 he offered the same flats for Rs. 5,49,250 each. This year he could sell half of his total constructed flats. But still he couldn’t sell all the flats.

A person was observing the reduction in price and found a certain pattern in it. If the waits for the next reduction in year 2000, what price will the builder announce for each of the flats?


5. A person passes one-sixth of his child in childhood, one-twelfth in youth, and one-seventh more as a bachelor. Five years after marriage a son was born who died at the age of four years when his father was half of his final age. At what age did the person get married?


6. What is the speed ofthe train ?

I. The train crosses a signal pole in 18 secs.
II. The train crosses a platform of equal length in 36 secs.
III. Length of the train is 300 metres.


7. N = 2a0b4c is a six-digit number. It is a product of 5 consecutive two-digit numbers. To find these successive numbers which of the following statements is/are necessary/sufficient?
(A) C = 0
(B) N is divisible by 33
(C) There exist only 3 digits (ie, 0, 2 & 4) in N


8. In each of the following questions a question is followed by three statements. Study the question and the statements and decide the information given in which of the statements(s) istare necessary to answer the question ?

What is the, capacity of a cylindrical tank ?

I The radius of the base is half of its height.
II. The area of the base is 616 sq. metres.
III. The height of cylinder is 28 metres.


9. In how many different ways can the letters of the word LEADING be arranged in such a way that the vowels always come together ?


10. What is the staff strength of Company ‘X’ ?

I. Male and female employees are in the ratio of 2 : 3 respectively.
II. Of the officer employees 80% are males.
III. Total number of officers is 132


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