Quantitative Aptitude Test 11

Data Interpretation

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1. A rectangular courtyard of a temple 3.78 metres long and 5.25 metres wide is to be paved exactly with square marble stones, all of the same size. What is the largest size of the marble stone which could be used for the purpose ?


2. In the following diagram AC = CD = DG = FG = EF = BE = AB

What approximately is measure of angle BAC?


3. The ratio of number of students studying Arts, Commerce and Science in, a College is 3: 5: 8. What is the new ratio of the number of students studying Arts, Commerce and Science respectively if there is an increase of 20%,40% and 25% in the number of students studying Arts, Commerce and Science ?


4. What approximate value should come in the place of question mark (?) in the following equation ?

98.98 – 11.03 + 7.014 ´ 15.99 = (?)2


5. The ratio between the school ages of Neeta and Samir is 5 : 6 respectively, If the, ratio between the one-third age of Neeta and half of the Samir’s age is 5 : 9, then what is the school age of Samir ?


6. A property dealer leaves 12900 sq yards area to be divided among- his 5 brothers, 4 daughters and 2 Sisters’. If each daughter recieves 4 times as much as each sister and each brother gets 5 times as much as each sister, then how much did each daughter get ?


7. If 4x+ 5y = 83 and 3x/2y = 21/22 then y – x = ?


8. The captain of a famous cricket club team of eleven members is 6 years old and the wicket keeper is three years older. It the ages of these two are excluded, the average age of the remaining players is one year less than the average age of the whole team. What is the average age of the team ?


9. Two factory workers Prakash and Saurabh are paid a total of Rs. 1650 per week by their employer. If Prakash is paid 120 per cent of sum paid to Saurabh, how much is Saurabh paid per week ?


10. A boat covers a distance of 30 km down stream in 2 hours while it takes 6 hours to cover the same distance upstream. If the speed of current is half of the speed of the boat then what is the speed of boat in km per hour ?


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