Quantitative Aptitude Simple Interest Question

Quantitative Aptitude – Simple Interest – Questions – 02

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1. In how many years will a sum of money double itself at 12% per annum?


2. A person borrowed Rs. 500 at the rate of 5% per annum S.I. Whatamount will be pay to clear the debt after 4 years?


3. Mr. Roopchand finds that an increase in the rate of interest from 4 7/8 % to 5 1/8 % per annum increases his yearly income by Rs. 25. His investment is:


4. If a sum of money doubles itself in 8 years at simple interest, the rate percent per annum is:


5. Rs. 800 amounts to Rs, 920 in 3 years at simple interest. If the interest rate is increased by 3%, it would amount to how much?


6. Rahul borrowed Rs. 830 from Mr. Lal at 12% p.a. S.I. for 3 years. He then added some more money to the borrowed sum and lent it to Shobha for the same period at 14% p.a. rate of interest. If Rahul gains Rs. 93.90 in the whole transaction, how much money did he add from his side?


7. For how many years should Rs. 600 be invested at 10% p.a. in order to earn the same simple interest as is earned by investing Rs. 800 at 12% p.a. for 5 years?


8. If a sun of money at simple interest doubles in 6 years, it will become 4 times in:


9. How long will it take a sum of money invested at 5% p.a. S.I. to increase its value by 40%?


10. A sum was put at-simple interest at a certain rate for 2 years.-Had it been put at 3% higher rate, it would have fetched Rs. 72 more. The sum is:


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