Quantitative Aptitude Percentage Questions 6

Quantitative Aptitude – Percentage – Questions – 04

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1. A building worth Rs. 133,100 is constructed on land worth Rs. 72,900. After how many year swill the value of both be the same if land appreciates at 10% p.a. and building depreciation at 10% p.a. ?


2. The price of a table is Rs. 400 more than that of a chair. If 6 tables and 6 chairs together cost Rs. 4800, by what percentage is the price of the chair less than that of the table ?


3. The population of a town increases 4% annually but is decreased by emigration annually to the extent of (1/2)%. What will be the increase percent in 3 years ?


4. The value of a machine depreciation at the rate of 10% every year. It was purchased 3 years ago. If its present value is Rs. 8748, its purchase price was :


5. The current birth rate per thousand is 32, whereas corresponding death rate is 11 per thousand. The net growth rate in terms of population increase in percent is give by :


6. A ball pen factory decided to reduce its production by 10% over that of previous month for next 3 months starting from February 1994. In January, it produced 3000 ball pens. How many ball pens were produced in March 1994 ?


7. Salaries of A, B and C are in the ratio 1 : 2 : 3. Salary of B and C together is Rs. 6000. By and what percent is salary of C more than of A ?


8. A reduction of 21% in the price of wheat enables a person to buy 10.5 kg more for Rs. 100. What is the reduced price per kg ?


9. The present population of a country estimated to be 10 crores is expected to increase to 13.31 crores during the next three years. The uniform rate of growth is :


10. A man’s basic pay for a 40 hour week is Rs. 20. Overtime is paid for at 25% above the basic rate. In a crertain week, he worked overtime and his total wage Rs. 25. He, therefore, worked for a total of :


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