Quantitative Aptitude Average Questions 2

Quantitative Aptitude – Average Questions – 01

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1. The average of ten numbers is 7. If each number is multiplied by 12, then the average of new set of numbers is :


2. The average of five results is 46 and that of the first four is 45. The fifth result is :


3. The average of eight numbers is 14. The average of six of these numbers is 16. The average of the remaining two numbers is :


4. The average of three numbers is 20. If two numbers are 16 and 22, the third is :


5. The average of Kanchan’s marks in 7 subjects is 75. His average in six subjects excluding Science is 72. How many marks did he get in Science ?


6. The average of two numbers is M. If one number is N, then the other number is :


7. There are three sections of a class in a school. The number of students in the three sections is 38, 32 and 40 and the average age of the students in these sections separately is 15.3 years, 16.5 years and 15.9 years respectively. What is the average age of the class ?


8. A man spends Rs. 1800 monthly on an average for the first four months and Rs. 2000 monthly for the next eight months and saves Rs. 5600 a year. His average monthly income is :


9. Of the three numbers, second is twice the first and is also thrice the third. If the average of the three numbers is 44, the largest number is :


10. The average price of three items of furniture is Rs. 15000. If their prices are in the ratio 3 : 5 : 7, the price of the cheapest item is :


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