PMP Sample Test 5

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1. Which f the following processes involves determining and documenting which risks are likely to affect the project?


2. You are a project manager at a project company developing wireless mobile applications. You are currently in the risk identification process, where you are trying to identify and document all risk that might impact the project.
You have assembled your experts both from inside and outside the company. You have asked them to make a anonymous questionnaire to identify the potential risks of the project. The experts will then mail back the questionnaire directly to you. Once you have received the feedback, you intend to organize the responses in order to compile a final list of potential project risks. Which of the following best describes the techniques are you using?


3. You are in the process of establishing a total cost baseline for measuring project performance. Which of the following is the LEAST helpful INPUT?


4. You are in the process of defining the specific activities that need to be performed to develop the necessary project deliverables. Which of the following are NOT outputs that you will produce during this process?


5. Schedule model data, which is an output of the schedule development process, includes all of the following EXCEPT:


6. Which of the following are outputs of the develop project team process?


7. Which of the following are false regarding corrective actions?


8. Which of the following tools is NOT used in initiating a project? A. B. C. D.


9. Question 705 Which of the following depicts a hierarchical tabulation of physical assemblies, subassemblies and components required to manufacture a product?


10. You are in the process of directing the performance of the planned project activities and managing the various technical and organizational interfaces that exist within your project. All of the following are outputs of this process EXCEPT:


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