PMP Sample Test 4

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1. You’ve been hired as a project manager for a local community college. The community college wants you upgrade the hardware for each of its web servers, and install the necessary security patches for each webserver. You are ready to begin the activity resource estimation process for your project. Which of the following would you NOT consider when developing the activity resource requirements document?


2. One of your friends is a project manager at a computer security company. She is currently managing a project for the development of a NAC (network admissions control) appliance that uses the network infrastructure to enforce security policy compliance on all devices seeking to access network computing resources, thereby limiting damage from emerging security threats. Her project team has just completed the initial project budget identifies the communications requirements, and defined the work packages. Which of the following would you recommend as the NEXT BEST action to perform?


3. Activity attributes identify multiple attributes associated with each schedule activity is an output of the activity definition process. All of the following are considered activity attributes EXCEPT:


4. You are using the three-point estimating technique to estimate the duration of a schedule activity. You are given the following data: [Pessimistic=100days] | [optimistic=40days] | [most likely=65 days] Which of the following statements are true?


5. Which of the following statements regarding risk register is FALSE?


6. All of the statements regarding control accounts and planning packages are true EXCEPT:


7. Which of the following describes a hierarchically organized representation of identified project risks arranged by risk categories?


8. Which of the statements regarding the WBS is FALSE?


9. 241. Jeff always delivers his projects on time and within budget. He believes that his success can be explained by the fact that he makes all of the project decisions himself and then enforces those decisions with an iron hand. His management style is best described by


10. You are in the process of defining how to plan and execute the risk management activities for your project. Which of the following statements are FALSE?


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