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1. You are the project manger at a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, personal computers and peripherals. Unfortunately, your company is facing a rapidly maturing market characterized by consolidation and commoditization. Hence you have been assigned a project to drive growth and profit by integrating an online CRM (costumer relationship management) solution. Industry benchmarks suggest the CRM solution should generate $100-$300M in bottom the benefits.
You’ve determined the following information so far: Activity X has an early start of day3, early finish of day6, and a late finish of day10. Activity Y is being performed by resource that had been very difficult to obtain. The CPI of the project is 0.8 and the SPI is 1.2. Based on the information above, which of the following areas should cause the MOST concern?


2. Which of the following statements are false regarding the cost change control system?


3. Which of the following best describes the difference between risk audits and risk reviews?


4. You are the project manager at a large automaker in Japan. Your project involves designing the next generation four wheel drive Sports Utility vehicle for the Asian market. Your project team is attempting to determine the right combination of suspension, tires and chassis that will ensure the stability of SUV at high speeds. Your team members are using statistical methods to identify which factors will influence specific variables related to vehicle stability. This method is best described as:


5. Which of the following processes uses the approved project schedule as an input?


6. You are a project manager responsible for constructing a new sports arena in preparation of the upcoming Olympics. Construction began on the project a year ago. The stakeholder of the project want a status report on the performance of the project to the date.
Unfortunately, you are afraid of telling your stakeholders that your project is coming in over the budget and the cost change is required using the cost change control system. Which of the following tools were used to calculate the cost variance projection?


7. Which of the following statements are true regarding project team management?


8. You are the project manager at a large investment bank. Your current project involves developing a creative financing solution for a large bio-tech company in order to facilitate the acquisition of another company. Specifically, your project involves issuing convertible debt securities in order to access a new pool of low-cost capital. This transaction is the largest ever convertible transaction in the bio-tech company.
Fortunately, your project is a head of schedule and below budget, with a CPI of 1.5 and SPI of 1.2. Hence, you have some flexibility to accept a new work without delaying your current project or exceeding the project budget. Midway through your budget, one of the stakeholders of your project issues a change request to the change control board to add a new task to your project. Specifically, the new work involves developing the risk control system to manage the client company’s pension plans.
Although you have flexibility to accommodate the work change, you don not understand how the new work fits within the existing project for your current charter. After evaluating the change request, you determine that work is self-contained with no overlap between the existing work and new work. Furthermore, different skill sets are required to implement the change request. Which of the following is the BEST plan of action in this scenario?


9. Project cost control includes all of the following EXCEPT:


10. Which of the following best describes what is a workaround?


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