PMP Sample Test 24

Project Management Professional (PMP) – Online Sample Test for Certification exam Preparation

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1. The majority of the project budget is expended on”


2. Corrective action is:


3. You have been asked to take charge of project planning for a new project, but yo have very little experience in managing projects. What will be the best source of help for you?


4. The project plan should be all of the following EXCEPT:


5. An end user has just requested a minor change to the project that will not impact the project schedule. How should you, the project manager, respond?


6. One of your team member has discovered a way to add an extra deliverable to the project that will have minimal impact on the project schedule and cost. The project cost performance idex is 1.3 and the schedule performance index is 1.5 The functionality was not included in the scope. How should you proceed?


7. Outputs of Direct and Manage Project Execution include:


8. Your original plan was to construct a building with six stories with each story costing $150,000. This was to be completed in 4 months. However, the project has not gone as planned. 2 months into the project, earned value is $400,000. What is the budget at completion?


9. Project Integration is primarily the responsibility of”


10. If a project manager is unsure who has the authority to approve changes in project scope, she should consult:


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