PMP Sample Test 21

Project Management Professional (PMP) – Online Sample Test for Certification exam Preparation

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1. The project team is considering whether to purchase a service or do it themselves. One of the items that should not be considered in their analysis is:


2. A buyer extends a formal invitation that contains a scope of work that seeks a response that will describe the methodology and results that will be provided to the buyer. This is called:


3. What officially creates the project?


4. You are the manager of an aircraft design project. A significant portion of this aircraft will be designed by a subcontracting firm. How will this affect your communications management plan?


5. A project manager wants to subcontract part of the project. This part of the project is quite complicated, and there are many ways that the work can be done. What method of request for seller responses should be used by the project team?


6. The Delphi technique is a way to:


7. The activity duration estimates should be developed by:


8. The work authorization system makes sure


9. During testing, multiple defects were identified in a product. The project manager overseeing this product’s development can best use which tool to help prioritize the problems?


10. Your team is hard at work on their assigned project tasks when one team member discovers a risk that was not identified during risk planning. What is the FIRST thing to do?


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