PMP Sample Test 18

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1. A project manager is reviewing the work breakdown structure for her project. The WBS of the project represents:


2. The totality of characteristics of an entity that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs is the definition for:


3. A large project is being worked on by a large company. The client is interested in knowing how the company will be able to meet the quality needs of the project. In order to satisfy this request of the client the project manager arranges a meeting between the client and the:


4. A new project has begun. The project charter has been written and the project manager has been assigned. The project manager is preparing the work breakdown structure for the project. The WBS is typically used for:


5. One of the fundamental tenets of quality management is that quality:


6. The quality manager of a company wishes to analyze the data that is coming to him in the form of a list of defects that have occurred in the shipping department. The report comes with defects listed chronologically as they occurred, the cost of the repair necessary to correct each defect, the person involved, and a description of the defect. The manager would like to determine which of the defects should be corrected first according to the frequency of the defect occurring. He should use which of the following quality tools?


7. A manager who manages a group of related projects is called a:


8. A project manager has just become the manager of a project. The document that recognizes the existence of the project is called:


9. A category or rank given to products that have the same functional use but different technical characteristics is called the product’s:


10. A project manager is reviewing the scope of the project and the scope baseline of the project. This includes which of the following?


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