PMP Sample Test 15

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1. All of the following statements regarding management reserves are true EXCEPT:


2. Which of the following are the outputs of the activity resource estimating process?


3. You are in the process of estimating the number of work periods that will be needed to complete individual schedule activities. All of the following are valuable inputs to this process except:


4. Which of the following describes how the various risk management processes will be implemented, monitored, and controlled throughout the project and describes the criteria that are used to establish the risk threshold?


5. You are a project manager at day-old donuts, a rapidly growing franchise selling premium donuts at a discount. Currently your company is planning for opening new stores throughout the United States. You have been asked to open a store in Manhattan, New York. Construction on new store is about to begin. This corporate head quarter wants to be informed when construction is nearly complete, so they can produce all the supplies and inventories just in time. You have been given a project charter, progressively elaborate the requirements, and have just completed the scope definition/create WBS processes. However while you are in activity definition process, you realize that certain deliverables are missing from create WBS process. What is your next plan of action?


6. Which of the following is a planning tool describing how the project team will define the project scope, develop the detailed project scope statement define and develop the work break down structure, verify project scope, and control the project scope?


7. You are the project manager at information technology division of a large financial services firm in the United States. Your company offers a web based trading platform that provides options and futures trading for U.S commodities market. Due to the rise in popularity in futures and options trading, your company has grown rapidly. In fact, due to the rapid growth, the company’s infrastructure is unable to meet the growing demands.
To keep up with demands, you have bee assigned the responsibilities of upgrading the company’s network and computing infrastructure. You have already inspected the existing infrastructure defined the detailed project scope statement for your project. You are in the process of developing the WBS. All of he following are outputs of the following process except:


8. The risk register describes all identified risks. Which of the following is not including as a part of risk register?


9. Qualitative risk analysis requires accurate data as its input. Risk Data Quality Assessment is a technique to evaluate the degree to which the data regarding risks would be useful. What is the best course of action if the Risk Data Quality Assessment for most of the identified risks are low?


10. Which of the following is the amount of time that a scheduled activity may be delayed without delaying the early start of any immediately following schedule activities?


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