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1. Which of the following project management areas contains the manage stakeholders process?


2. A problem occurs in the design of a grocery cart. In this case it is determined that the wheels will wear out much quicker in areas of heavy snow and ice because the salt will corrode the wheel bearings. Using sealed bearing wheels will significantly increase cost, and it is determined that the carts themselves will be rusty and damaged at about the same time the wheel bearings begin to fail. By injecting the wheel bearings with a high temperature grease the life of the wheel bearings is increased considerably. The project recommends using the high temperature grease. This is called:


3. The contingency budget will:


4. Which of the following are tools to contract closure process?


5. A project manager is faced with making a decision about a risk that the team has identified. The risk involves the design of a bicycle. It has been found that the neck of the bicycle, where the steering bearing is located and the two supporting bars of the frame come together, will corrode in a high salt environment. If this takes place the neck may fail and injure the rider. The project team decides that the design of the bicycle should be modified by using corrosion resistant materials in the design of the neck. This will eliminate the risk from consideration. This technique is called:


6. Which of the following are inputs to the close project process except:


7. You are a project manager at a large accounting firm in United States. Throughout the year your firm provides both consulting services and accounting services to XYZ widgets, inc, a publicity traded company listed on a New York stock exchange. Currently your project involves auditing and financial statements to XYZ widgets, in the preparation of annual shareholders meeting.
Your team has just completed the financial auditing of the firm, and recently published its finding. You have performed this project under contact and are in the contract closure process. Which of the following should you document as a part of contract closure process?


8. Which of the following is used to maintain an index of contract documents and correspondence, and assist with retrieving and archiving contracts documentation?


9. A risk has four possible outcomes. Given the following information, what is the expected value of this risk? Probability Result of Risk 0.4 -10,000 0.3 -7,500 0.2 -5,000 0.1 +2,500


10. A project manager discovers that there is a part of the project that contains some risk. His strategy with this risk is to subcontract the work to an outside supplier by using a firm fixed-price contract. Which of the following must the project manger do?


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