PMP Practice Test 8

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1. You have just completed the project planning process group, and you are ready to begin the project executing process group. You’ll need to perform all of the following executing processes EXCEPT:


2. You are in the process of obtaining the necessary human resources to complete the project. Which of the following are NOT outputs of this process?


3. You have just completed the project planning process group and you are ready to begin the project executing process group. You’ll need to perform all of the following EXCEPT:


4. You are the project manager responsible for renovating a 70-year old building. You intend to hire an outside construction firm to seismic retrofit the building in order to make sure that the building can withstand the large earthquakes. The outside construction firm has requested SOW. Which of the following statements are FALSE regarding the contract SOW?


5. You are a project manager for the manufacture of children’s toys. Your project team is in the process of designing a new children toy for New Year Christmas season. With the rapidly approaching deadline, your team members are frequently arguing with each other. However, recently your team has just begun to work well together. There appears to be a sense of team cohesion and friendliness. Your team members are able to express criticisms constructively, and able to work out their differences. Which of the following stages of develop project team best describes your team?


6. Negotiation, preassignment, and acquisition are tools and techniques of which of the following processes?


7. You are the project manger at a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, personal computers and peripherals. Unfortunately, your company is facing a rapidly maturing market characterized by consolidation and commoditization. Hence you have been assigned a project to drive growth and profit by integrating an online CRM (costumer relationship management) solution. Industry benchmarks suggest the CRM solution should generate $100-$300M in bottom the benefits. As the project comes to an end, you’ve determined that the CPI is 1.2 and SPI is 1.1. In addition, you’ve determined that the project team has added six reporting capabilities and functionalities that were overlooked in the project management plan. Upper management is very satisfied with the results of your project. Which of the following BEST describes the project’s success?


8. In which of the following process is the qualified sellers list developed?


9. Which of the following best describes the Achievement Theory of motivation?


10. Which of the following describes an input to the direct and manage project execution process that consists of documented, authorized directions that reduce the probability of consequences associated with project risks?


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