PMP Practice Test 7

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1. Earned value analysis is performance reporting tools used in manage stakeholder process. Which of the following measurement should be used as a performance measurement baseline?


2. You have been hired as a project manger for a local community college. The community college wants you to design and develop a custom student registration web site, so that student can select and register for their classes online. Your project is nearly complete. However near the end of the project your team experienced some technical difficulties that caused cost overrun and schedule delays. This information may be useful in future projects in all of the following activities except:


3. Which of the following statements are false regarding contract closure procedure?


4. According to the PMI which of the following is considered as a special case of contract closure?


5. You are the project manager at a large automaker in Japan. Your project involves designing the next generation 4-wheel drive Sport Utility vehicle for the Asian market. A new fuel efficient engine design is required as part of your project. Unfortunately, your project team did not have the necessary expertise to design and manufacture a new fuel-efficient engine. Hence, your company plans has decided to subcontract all the engine designs an outside manufacturer in Europe. During your initial visits to European partners, you were presented with an expensive gift. You were told that this is local custom to give such gifts to business partners to during their visits. What should you do?


6. You are the project manager within and information technology department of a large retailer. You are responsible for updating the network infrastructure of the company. As a project manager, you are in the Select Sellers process, and have four different vendors on your qualified sellers list. One of the vendors on your list has invited you to lunch to a very highclass and expensive restaurant. In fact, a meal can cost anywhere from $500-$1000 USD. What should you do?


7. You r the project manager at a large accounting firm in the United States. Throughout the year your firms provides both the consulting services and accounting/auditing services to XYZ Widgets, Inc, a publicity traded company listed on a New York stock exchange. Currently your project involves auditing and financial statements to XYZ widgets, in the preparation of annual shareholders meeting. While your team is in the midst of project execution, you are informed that your project is cancelled due to new SEC regulations. Specially a new SEC rule prohibits accounting firm from providing both auditing services and consulting services to the client, due to the potential conflicts of interest that could rise from such business relationship. As a result your project is cancelled and budget for your project is cut. For necessary budget your project team is banned and your project members go their separate ways. Which of the following types of project ending is this considered?


8. Which of the following establishes the procedure to perform product verification, update contract records to reflect final results and archive information for future use?


9. Which of the following statements are true regarding project ending?


10. You are the project manager within an information technology department of a large retailer. In order to allow for better real-time tracking, inventory control, and supply chain management, your company is financing a project to install and deploy RFID tags on all items of merchandise. As a project manger, you’ve just completed the Select Sellers process, and selected a vendor to perform the RFID installation and deployment. After the contract is assigned with the vendor, the account manager from the vendor calls for thank you for selecting them. As a thank-you gift, they would like to give you and your project team tickets to a free dinner convention, where the vendor will be providing a demo if their latest RFID systems. How should you respond?


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