PMP Practice Test 29

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1. Qualitative risk analysis requires accurate data as its input. Risk data quality assessment ranking is a technique to evaluate the degree to which the data regarding risks would be useful. Risk quality data assessment involves examining all of the following EXCEPT:


2. The risk management plan is a subset of the project management plan and describes how risk management should be performed. All of the following should be included in the risk management plan EXCEPT:


3. Which of the following statements are FALSE?


4. Which of the following statements are FALSE regarding expected monetary value analysis (EMV)?


5. You are the project manager at a utility company. Due to the recent rise in the cost of petroleum, your organization is exploring cheaper, alternative forms of energy. You have just completed the project Scope Planning process and created the Scope management plan. However, upon review, you have determined that the resulting project scope management plan is ambiguous and poorly written. A poorly written project scope management plan will directly impact all of the following EXCEPT:


6. Which of the following statements are true regarding GERT?


7. Which of the following best describes a form of progressive elaboration planning where the work to be performed in the near time is planned in detail at a low level of WBS, while the work far in future is planned for WBS components that are relatively high level of the WBS?


8. You are in the process of establishing a total cost baseline for measuring project performance. Which of the following is the LEAST helpful tool/ technique?


9. You are in the process of identifying and documenting the logical relationships among schedule activities. Which of the following are NOT tools/ techniques you can use in this process?


10. Which of the following statements are FALSE regarding the critical chain method?


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