PMP Practice Test 28

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1. You are in the process of completing and selling each contract, and resolving any open items. All of the following are inputs you require EXCEPT:


2. You are currently in the closing process and are involved in the product verification. Which of the following best describes the purpose of product verification?


3. You are the project manager at a large accounting firm in the United States. Throughout the year your firm provides both consulting services and accounting/ auditing services to XYZ Widgets, Inc, a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Currently, your project involves auditing the financial statements of XYZ Widgets Inc, in preparation for the annual shareholders/ investors meeting. Your team has just completed the financial auditing of the firm, and recently published its findings. With this project completed, you have just been given your next project assignment. Which of the following statements are true?


4. Earned value analysis is a performance reporting tool/ technique used in the Manage Stakeholders process. Which of the following performance measurements is derived by the following formula: (EV/PV)?


5. Which of the following establishes the formal documentation as to why the project was terminated and formalizes the procedures for transferring the unfinished delivers of the cancelled project?


6. In which process is formal acceptance and handover of the final product/ service performed?


7. All of the following are outputs of the close project process EXCEPT:


8. Which of the following best describes the project integration Management Knowledge Area?


9. Which of the following statements are false regarding the Close Project process?


10. Product verification is usually performed in the closing process. Which of the following best describes its purpose?


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