PMP Practice Test 26

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1. You are the Chief Technology officer of a major Stock Exchange. You are in charge of a project to reengineer the organization’s bank office accounting, billing and administrative systems. Your project team is in the process of implementing the technical work required for the project. However, one of the stakeholders for your project is requesting minor changes to the project deliverables. You call a meeting with your project team to determine how to best proceed with the change. This is an example of which of the following?


2. Which of the following statements are TRUE regarding the scope verification process?


3. Which of the following are tool/ technique of Perform Quality Control that involves measuring or testing results to determine whether they confirm to the requirements and quality standards?


4. Which of the following best describes fast-tracking?


5. Which of the following regarding project charter is FALSE?


6. You are in the process of controlling changes to a project baseline. Which of the following is the LEAST helpful input?


7. Which of the following statements about fast-tracking is TRUE?


8. Which of the following best describes cost incurred in the past whose total will not be affected by any decisions made now or in the future?


9. One of your friend is a project manager at a natural gas energy company. He is managing a project for the construction and operation of pipeline facilities at U.S. points of entry for the import or export of natural gas. The company had performed a similar project a couple years ago. This is the critical project for the company and he is under a tremendous pressure to deliver the project. Unfortunately, he is new to the company and the project is growing in size every day. He is starting to feel overwhelmed by the project. What is his BEST course of action?


10. You have been assigned to a project to construct a 18-hole golf course, featuring 7,500 yard, par-72 course that has a magnificent tropical setting. You’ve calculated the estimated project completion date. However the estimated completion date is 5 months after the desired completion date. After analyzing the project network diagram, you’ve determined that many of the activities have discretionary dependencies. To decrease the project duration you’ve requested additional resources, but were told that NO additional resources are available for your project. Assuming that the project has low risks, which of the following is the BEST plan of action?


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