PMP Practice Test 21

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1. You are in the process of monitoring the various project processes and their performance. Which of the following is the LEAST appropriate output of this process?


2. Your friend is a project manager at a real estate company that develops and manages commercial, retail and residential properties in United States and Europe. As a company continues to grow, the company’s IT infrastructure is unable to meet business needs of organization. Hence she has been assigned to upgrade the company’s IT infrastructure. Specifically, her team has been asked to implement a corporate general ledger system, improve accounting and real estate processes, develop a lease tracking system, and implement HR and payroll systems and perform diagnostics and monthly closures. Her project team has already completed all the initiating / project planning activities and received sign-off/ approvals on the project charter, project scope, and detailed work packages. Your project team is in the process of completing all the work packages. However, she has just received a change request to add additional reporting functionality to the project deliverables. She calls a meeting of her project team to determine how to proceed with the change. This is an example of which of the following?


3. Michael works as a project manager at a construction company developing a new 150 story sky-scraper. He has asked a couple of his team members to return to warehouse to pick additional supplies. Since one of his team members is an expert electrician and since warehouse is close to where the Michael lives, he has asked his team mates to also stop by his house to fix some very minor electrical problems in his house. Is Michael behavior violating the PMI code of ethics?


4. You have determined that a design error will interface with meeting technical performance objectives. Which of the following is the preferred response in this situation?


5. Which of the following tool/ technique are unplanned responses to risks that were previously unidentified?


6. The Monitor and Control Project Work process is performed to monitor project processes and performance. Which of the following are you LEAST concerned with during this process?


7. Which of the following statements are true regrinding issue logs?


8. Which of the following forecasts the most likely total project costs based on the current project performance to date?


9. Which of the following are not tools/ techniques of Manage Stakeholders process?


10. You are the project manager within an information technology department of a large retailer In order to allow for better real-tracking, in inventory control, and supply chain management, in inventory control, and supply chain management, your company in financing a project to install and to install and deploy RFID on all items of merchandise. As the project manager, you’ve just completed the select sellers’ process, and selected 5 different vendors on your qualified sellers list who has responded to your company’s RFP. One of the vendors remaining the qualified sellers list is RFID-PM Inc. although you have no financial interest in this company, one of yours old high school buddies, Terence, sits on the board of directors of this company. Is there a conflict of interest in this situation?


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