PMP Practice Test 2

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1. Which of the following diagramming methods can only use finish-tostart relationships and may use dummy activities to express logical relationship between activities?


2. The project scope management plan is an output of which of the following process?


3. You are the project manager responsible for developing a new hybrid engine for a major auto manufacturer. You are in the process of developing the project schedule and would like to identify the project risks and associated risk response plans. Where would you be able to retrieve this information?


4. Risk to the project can be categorized by all of the following EXCEPT:


5. All of the following can be used to estimate the contingency reserves during Activity Duration Estimation EXCEPT:


6. Which of the following are outputs of the Risk Management Planning process?


7. Which of the following statements are true regarding estimation techniques?


8. You are using three point estimating technique to estimate the estimate of a scheduled activity. Which of the following statement are true given the following data: Pessimistic= 100 days Optimistic= 40 days Most likely= 65 days Average =66.6 days


9. You are in the process of estimating the type and quantity of resources needed to complete individual schedule activities. All of the following are tools/ techniques you can use in this process EXCEPT:


10. You have been recently assigned to provide an accurate project schedule for a large construction company. You are evaluating the network diagram for the construction project. Your lead engineer has given you the following estimates for several critical path activity: 30 days (optimistic), 80 days (pessimistic), and 40 days (most likely). Which of the following statements are true, assuming the beta distribution?


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