PMP Practice Test 11

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1. To ensure the effectiveness of corrective actions, corrective actions frequently require which of the following?


2. You would like to measure the association between tow variables. Which of the following is NOT a measuring technique or measure you would use to do this?


3. Which of the following statements are TRUE regarding the scope verification statement?


4. You are the project manager in the I.T department of the local university. Your current project involves developing a web-based interface for legacy student registration application. Your current project has recently experienced a change where you have been asked to support an additional data base system, instead of current database system in use. As a result, many of the greed upon WBS elements were modified. Which type of change has occurred within your project?


5. Which of the following best describes residual risks?


6. You are in the process of controlling changes to the project schedule. All of the following are outputs of this process EXCEPT:


7. All of the following are sources of conflict EXCEPT:


8. You are the project manager at a manufacturer of electronic components. Your company had been a long time market leader in electronic components distribution industry. However, in recent years, the Internet has transformed the competitive landscape. As a result company’s market share has been eroding. Hence, your current project involves implementing the company’s internet strategies to best exploit these altered dynamics and increase the company’s market share. You are in the project planning process, and are personally estimating the time needed for each activity. Once you’ve created the overall project estimate. You commit to completing the project deliverables to this date. Which of the following BEST explains why this is the INCORRECT way to estimate the schedule?


9. You are in the process of controlling changes to the project scope. All of the following are outputs of this process EXCEPT:


10. You have been assigned to a project to build a large 30-story condominium in Las Vegas. The condominium will feature luxurious amenities like state of the art work-out facilities, conference centers, valet services, maid services, spas, gourmet dining and resort style pools. You’ve calculated the estimated project completion date. However, the estimated completion date is 2 months after the desired completion date. After analyzing the project network diagram, you’ve determined that many of the activities have discretionary dependencies. To decrease the project duration, you’ve requested additional resources but were told that NO additional resources are available for your project. Assuming that the project has low risks, which of the following is the BEST plan of action?


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