PMP Mock Test 1

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1. You are in the process of controlling changes to the project cost baseline. Which of the following is the LEAST helpful tool/ technique?


2. Approved corrective actions are an input to which process?


3. Which of the following is most likely to require a rebaselining in order to provide a realistic measure of performance


4. Change control system, variance analysis, replanning and configuration management systems are tool/ techniques of which process?


5. One of your friends is a manager at telecommunications company. She is currently managing a project developing a VoIP (Voice over IP) gateway that addresses the challenges facing service providers deploying packer-based voice networks. The gateway offers a comprehensive approach to implementing high-density carrier-class voice over packet gateway applications. She is in the process of developing the project schedule, and has determined that the project has 4 critical paths. Which of the following BEST describes how the project will be impacted?


6. Which of the following statements are FALSE regarding project time management?


7. You are the project manager within a large multi-national company. Your current project involves a large software development project that involves coordination of resources across four different reengineering teams across three different countries. Specifically your UI team is based in India, your database team and middleware team is in U.S., and your QA team is in Canada. The engineers in each of the team report to geographic functional manger, but are currently on loan to you for your project.
You are currently in the process of assessing the completion status for each work packages. In order to develop an accurate status of the project, you’ve asked each of the engineers to report their percentage complete for their respective deliverables.
However, when asked for the percentage completion status, one of the QA engineers innocently responds, “Percentage complete of what exactly?” ever since the project started you’ve always thought that this QA engineer was difficult to manage. Especially tired of such comments, you finally decided to report to the QA engineer’s functional manager regarding the engineer’s lack of cooperation. Based on the scenario described above, which of the following BEST describes the real problem?


8. Which of the following statements are NOT techniques used to resolve conflicts on a project?


9. The applied level of change control is LEAST dependent upon:


10. Which of the following calculates the difference between the budget at completion and estimate at completion?


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