PMP Mock Test 7

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1. Which of the following processes is involved with allocating the overall cost estimate to individual work activities?


2. You are a project manager at construction company, assigned to repaint the 30-story building. One of the initial tasks are to scrape the original paint off the building and then to prime the building. But before the building can be primed, the original paint must be scraped off the building.
However priming can begin while scraping is underway. The two tasks can progress in parallel. Which of the following relationship type best describes this dependency between scraping and priming?


3. You are using three point estimating technique to estimate the estimate of a scheduled activity. Which of the following statement are true given the following data:
[Pessimistic=100 days] [Optimistic=40 days] [Most likely=65 days]

  • Assuming a beta distribution you calculate that the duration average=66.6 days and duration variance=100.
  • Assuming a triangular distribution you calculate that the duration average=68.33 days, and duration variance=151.38

    4. You are in the process of identifying and documenting risk project. You are using various information gathering techniques to identify the project risks. All of the following are information gathering techniques except:


    5. All of the following can be used to estimate contingency reserves during activity duration estimating except:


    6. You are the project manger assigned to perform seismic retro-fitting on an old office building. You are trying to estimate the costs for this project. You start by assigning the costs associated with each of the project activities. Then you sum up all the individual costs into a final cost estimate. Which type of cost estimating technique id you see?


    7. Which of the following are true regarding project risk management?


    8. Risk diagramming techniques include all of the following except:


    9. You are in the process of analyzing activity sequence, durations, resource requirement, and schedule constraints in order to create the project schedule. Which of the following is least helpful input in this process?


    10. Risks that may affect the project can be identified and organized into risk categories. Which of the following is a not possible risk category?


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