PMP Mock Test 6

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1. A WBS can be used foe all of the following EXCEPT:


2. Product verification is usually performed in the closing process. Which of the following statements are true?


3. Which of the following formulas is used to calculate the SPI (schedule performance index)?


4. Which of the following statements are false regarding the administrative closure procedure?


5. You are in the process of controlling changes to project cost baseline. Which of the following is the LEAST helpful input?


6. Recommended corrective actions are an input to which process?


7. Which of the following objectives is LEAST likely accomplish by implementing a project-wide application of the configuration management system?


8. Your company is making a strategy shift: form being focused on fulfilling customer requests for becoming the best cost dairy producer in industry. Its existing cost manufacturing cost system, however fails to capture the costs associated with handling special flavors, small production orders, and complex delivery and order processing options. Hence you’ve been assigned to supervise an existing project to develop a new time-drive, activity-based costing system that will capture the full complexity of the company’s operations and gives managers new insights into the profitability orders, products, and customers. Senior management will use the information to enhance process efficiencies, negotiating new terms with customers, and attempt to win new business.
The project timeline is very aggressive and a lot is at stake with this project. Hence, every week you report on the progress and status of the project to all the necessary stakeholders and sponsors. Your project team has already completed all the initial and project planning activities and received sign-off and approvals on the project charter, project scope, and detailed work packages. Your project team is in the process of completing all the work packages. Te project timeline is very aggressive, and your project has the SPI of 1.2 and CPI of 1.3. A final review of the project deliverables has been scheduled foe the end of the month.
Unfortunately, as your project near completion, you are informed that your project is being cancelled since the resulting product is unacceptable and does not meet the business needs of the organization. All the resources on your project are being reassigned to another project. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this scenario?


9. Contract file and formal acceptance and closure are outputs of which processes?


10. You are the project manager at a large accounting firm in the United States. Your current project involves auditing the financial statements of a Fortune 100 company. You are currently utilizing network diagrams to track and schedule the execution of various auditing tasks through out the project. You are performing a backward pass analysis of the project schedule. It is important for you to examine activities that have _________ slack?


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