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1. Christian Zininski is the project manager of LOP Project. During the procurement process, his project assistant identified that the project has to depend on three procurement sources: HUH Limited, JI Limited, and GIG Limited, which he described as an oligopoly. Which of the following best describes the project’s market for materials?


2. You are the project manager at Day-Old donuts a rapidly growing franchise selling premium donuts at a discount. Currently, your company is planning on opening additional stores throughout Europe. Your company is evaluating different areas for expansion including France, Germany and England. Your steering committee used a weighted score model and found that in England with a score of 75, provided the best opportunities for expansion. Which of the following statements are true?


3. Which of the following statements are true regarding the project statement of work?


4. One of your friends is a project manager at a computer security company. She is currently managing a project for the development of a NAC (network admissions control) appliance that uses the network infrastructure to enforce security policy compliance on all devices seeking to access network computing resources, thereby limiting damage from emerging security threats. The NAC appliance will provide with self-contained endpoint assessment, policy management, and remediation services. The company had performed a similar project a couple years ago.
This is critical project fro the company, and he is under tremendous pressure to deliver the project. Unfortunately, he is new in the company, and the project is growing in size everyday. He is starting to feel overwhelmed by the project. What is his BEST course of action?


5. Which of the following documents initiates a project and authorizes the project manager to assign organizational resources to the project?


6. Which of the following best describes progressive elaboration?


7. You have been recently hired to be a project manager at a bio-tech company to develop anew drug to treat pancreatic cancer. The project requires significant coordination across multiple departments from R&D to manufacturing.
You’ve attempt to gain the cooperation of chief scientist (who reports to the V.P. of R&D) within the R&D department. You need her assistance to answer some questions regarding the clinical testing process of this new drug. However, the chief scientist is un-interested in your project and provides little or no feed back to your questions. Since your project is NOT one of her priorities, she’s been rather unresponsive to your questions. What should you do in this situation?


8. You are currently the project manager for a software development project, developing a next generation data-mining tool. Your team is developing a new software product that will help customers better manage large volumes of data, especially for data reporting purposes. Midway, through the project, your engineer decide to add additional reporting functionality to better analyze correlate data. Although this functionality was NOT part of the original project plan, this feature seems like it could be a useful feature for the customer. This is an example of which of the following?


9. When should a project manager be assigned to a project?


10. Which of the following is NOT a valid reason to authorize a project?


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