PMP Mock Test 33

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1. Using the PMBOK definition of contingency reserve, which of the following statements about contingency reserves is false?


2. Create WBS process belongs to:


3. In negotiating with functional department managers, project managers often find themselves using what two-party conflict management approach?


4. A leadership style in which the project manager shares problems with team members and formulates solutions as a group is called:


5. All of the following are communication tools EXCEPT:


6. A type of organization in which the project manager has little formal authority and basically acts as a staff assistant to an executive who is ultimately responsible for the project is called:


7. What are the four parts of the communications model?


8. Project Risk Management includes all of the following processes except:


9. In which of the following organizations is the project manager role likely to be part-time?


10. Communication is the PRIME responsibility of a Project:


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