PMP Mock Test 31

Project Management Professional (PMP) – Online Sample Test for Certification exam Preparation

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1. An example of a conflict of interest would be:


2. Which of the following situations describes a violation of the PMP. Professional Code of Conduct?


3. Project Managers can contribute to their organization’s knowledge base and to the profession of project management most effectively by:


4. Which is not another term for contract?


5. You have just changed jobs and discovered that your new employer routinely violates OSHA/EPA and affirmative action requirements on projects. You should:


6. Your project is running out of cash and significant work remains. You are directed by senior management to instruct your people to use another project’s charge numbers while working on your project. You should:


7. You are working in a country where it is customary to exchange gifts between contractor and customer. Your company code of conduct clearly states that you cannot accept gifts from any client. Failure to accept the gift from this client may result in termination of the contract. The action to take in this case would be:


8. Project risk is characterized by three factors:


9. Name the ethical code you’ll be required to adhere to as a PMP:


10. For a festival, you give your government client a leather brief case. You are in violation of the responsibility to:


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