PMP Mock Test 30

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1. Which of the following calculates how much additional budget is required in order to complete the project, assuming the current project performance to date?


2. All of the following are FALSE regarding bar charts EXCEPT:


3. You are in the process of reviewing all change requests and controlling changes to deliverables and organizational process asset. All of the following are inputs you need EXCEPT:


4. Which of the following are true regarding statistical perform quality control?


5. You are a project manager at a real estate company that develops and manages commercial, retail and residential properties in United States and Europe. As a company continues to grow, the company’s IT infrastructure is unable to meet business needs of organization.
Specifically, you have been assigned to upgrade the company’s IT infrastructure. Specifically, your team has been asked to implement a corporate general ledger system, improve accounting and real estate processes, develop and implement lease tracking system, and implement HR and payroll systems and perform diagnostics and monthly closures.
Your project team has already completed all the initiating / project planning activities and received sign-off approvals on the project charter, project scope, and detailed work packages. Your project team is in the process of completing all the work packages. However, your client has just file a change request to add additional reporting functionality to the IT application. Fortunately you have already determined that this functionality will only add one week to the critical path. To accommodate with the request, you’ve determined that you could compress the schedule to recover one extra week. Which of the following should you perform NEXT?


6. With respect to value analysis which of the following is the portion of the approved cost estimate that has been budgeted for an activity during a certain time period?


7. All of the following are reporting techniques used in the Cost control process EXCEPT:


8. Procurement planning is the process of identifying which part of the project should be procured from resources outside of the organization. Which of the following refers to market condition evaluation?


9. Which of the following is most likely to require a rebaselining of the cost baseline in order to provide a realistic measure of performance?


10. All of the following statements are true regarding the cost control process EXCEPT:


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