PMP Mock Test 28

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1. During your assignment as project manager you add a new member to your project team. This new team member was recently hired from a competitor and offers to share a substantial amount of proprietary information from his previous company. This information could put you and your team in a very strong position for future business. You are aware of a non-compete clause in the new hire’s condition of employment. You should:


2. Which statement is correct :


3. Which of the following is a tool used to Create WBS:


4. Qualitative Risk Analysis will be performed under :


5. In a group of 4 members, 1 member has been added. How many communication channels are there now :


6. Before reporting a perceived violation of an established rule or policy the project manager should:


7. Rose Hale is the project manager of Project UR. Rose signed a Cost-Reimbursable contract with Shirts, Ltd. regarding the procurement of pre-screened T-shirts to be used for Project UR. Which of the following describes a characteristic or possibility that may occur in this type of contract?


8. Acquire Project team process will be performed under:


9. Which of the following is not an input to Develop Project Charter:


10. A response to a negative risk event is known as a:


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