PMP Mock Test 24

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1. The purpose of the review of deliverables and project performance at the conclusion of a project phase is to:


2. Your customer ask for a small change in the project, which was not budgeted in the project. It is a small effort as compared to the total project and you need the goodwill for a multimillion dollar on the pipeline. You will


3. Which of the following is not an external-unpredictable risk?


4. Which of the following statements concerning contract type is correct?


5. The three major causes of change on a project are:


6. Maslow ranked Human needs from the highest to lowest:


7. You are responsible for ensuring that your seller’s performance meets contractual requirements. For effective contract administration, you should:


8. The delphi Method is best suited for:


9. Herzberg identified factors, which, if present, will lead to increased motivation. A typical factor would be:


10. Your project is in the final test stage, the user acceptance test. It meets all the product specs and is under planned costs. In term of schedule, this project is ahead. Your customer meet you and requested that he will not accept the product unless you make several changes. What you should do is:


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