PMP Mock Test 20

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1. Which of the following statements are false regarding sensitivity analysis?


2. Which of the following statements are true regarding various activity scheduling tools?


3. All of the following statements regarding decision tree analysis are true except:


4. Quantitative risk analysis involves all of the following except:


5. You are currently in the process of prioritizing risks by their impact and probability of occurance. Which of the following tool/technique is least useful?


6. All of the statements regarding Planning Packages are true EXPECT:


7. In which of the following contract type will the buyer assume the highest risk for cost overrun and non-performance?


8. Which of the following document include a code of account identifier, a statement of work, and a list of schedule milestones for each WBS component?


9. With respect to risk management, which of the following are not true regarding decision tree analysis?


10. Which of the following are the part of WBS dictionary except:


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