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1. You are in the process of monitoring the various project processes and their performance. Which of the following are you least concerned with during the process?


2. Which of the following statements are false regarding cost and schedule variances?


3. You are a project manager for a company that sells online music. Your project is to develop new content management system that will not only manage all users purchases and downloads but will automatically learn the users music interest to make future product recommendation. In addition your content management system must scale to support millions of current music downloads a day. Your team has made a significant progress on the project. You are preparing the performance of the project to date and have calculated the following measurement:

PV=4000, EV=3500, AC=3000

Which of the following statement are true?


4. You are project manager at a large multinational company developing a next generation mobile phone using voice over IP technology. The project involves significant coordination of resources across multiple different engineering teams located in various different countries. Specifically your mobile handset team is based in India, your design team in U.S.A, and your QA team in Canada.
You are currently in the process of assessing the completion status of each of the work packages. In order to develop a accurate status of project, you have asked each of the engineer to report their completion date for their respective deliverables. However one of the QA engineer abrasively respond” completion date for what?” you finally decided to report QA engineer’s uncooperative behavior to his functional manager.
Based on the scenario above, which of the following best describes the problem?


5. Which of the following describes the input to the direct and manage project execution that is used to bring the project back in line and is the part of feedback loop?


6. One of your friends is project manager in Telecommunication Company. She is currently managing a project developing a voice over IP. The gateway offers a comprehensive approach to implementing high density, carrier class voice over packet gateway applications. She is in the process of developing the project schedule, and has determined that the project has 44 critical paths. Which of the following best describe how the project will be impacted?


7. You are the project manager in the I.T department of major hospital. Your current project involves developing a web based interface for legacy mainframe software applications. Your current project involves a scope change. You are documenting the physical characteristics and functionality of the project, based on this scope change. Which of the following tool are using?


8. All of the following statements are true regarding ground rules except:


9. The cost of quality often refers to cost to produce a product or service according to specific quality standards. Which of the following is not cost associated with the cost quality?


10. The risk monitoring and control process involves all of the following except:


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