PMP Mock Test 14

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1. The two closing procedures are called:


2. How much time does the typical project manager spend communicating both formally and informally?


3. System integration consists of:


4. During the schedule development process the Project Manager may have to go through several iterations of the schedule before establishing the schedule baseline. All of the following are tools and techniques that may be used during this process:


5. Which of the following models of conflict resolution allows a cooling off period, but seldom resolves the issue in the long term?


6. The receiver filters messages based on all but the following:


7. The critical element in a project’s communication system is the:


8. A Project Manager is at the project kick-off meeting. He confidently states the vision and mission for the project. This PM is exhibiting the following leadership style:


9. You are in charge of developing a new product for an organization. Your quality metrics are based on the 80th percentile of each of the last three products developed. This is an example of:


10. Group brainstorming encourages all of the following except:


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