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1. You are the project manger at an advertising firm that specializes in marketing and promotional campaign for athletic shoes. Your company frequently uses sports celebrities as part of the marketing and advertising campaigns. Advertising that uses celebrities to influence consumer’s purchasing decisions is an example of what type of power?


2. Project information can be shared by tam members and stakeholders through a variety of methods. Which of the following are NOT considered information retrieval systems?


3. You are involved in monitoring specific project results to determine whether they comply with relevant quality standards. You are using a control chart to illustrate how a process is behaving over time. You’ve constructed your control chart and determined that all the data points are within the upper and lower control limits of the chart. In addition, seven consecutive data points are observed to be on the one side of the mean. Which of the following is your BEST plan of action?


4. Which of the following would LEAST likely to be found as part of a contract?


5. Consider the project integration management knowledge area. Which of the following process are included?


6. Which of the following is NOT one of the five project management process groups?


7. You are currently in the process of acquiring your project team and are working with functional managers to ensure that the project receives the appropriate staff during the required time frame. Which of the following BEST describes the tool/ technique you are using?


8. You are the project manger at a construction company. Your company is currently in the process of developing a 500-unit apartment complex. Your company plans to subcontract all the electrical wiring of the building to an outside vendor.
The subcontractor’s work will involve wiring the building for electrical power, as well as cable and Internet Ethernet wiring. In which of the following processes will a contract between the buyer and seller be created?


9. You are the project manager of a company that is building ATM software for a large bank and financial institutions. You have been told that the ATM software must meet very stringent quality standards. Including rigorous auditing of all transactions, ability to recover in case of software/ hardware errors, and fraud detection/analysis and robust two-factor authentication.
The ATM system is currently in production, when a quality problem is identified with a PIN card reader. This problem will require with a downtime of the manufacturing process while networks of the unit are performed. Fortunately, the units have not been shipped, to customers yet. Which of the following best describes the cost of quality associated with this problem?


10. Which of the following statements are FALSE regarding the process improvement plan?


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