PMP Mock Test 12

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1. Most project management leadership theories focus on all of the following except :


2. Preliminary Cost estimates are developed during the______ phase of the project:


3. Historical records during close-out are useful to __________ and ____________ for future projects:


4. Which of the following is most true?


5. The behavioral responsibilities of a project manager may also include dealing with:


6. As project manager you should dedicate a primary focus to:


7. Your client informs that his company has a problem with the current design specs of your product and how it will interface with the existing systems. If this occurs, it could be a major problem for your project. The client is coming to your office in one week to discuss the problem and to see what your team can do to overcome this setback. All previous meetings were informal with this client, but now he wants a formal meeting. What should you do to prepare for this meeting


8. The major purpose of project status reports is to:


9. A project manager has increased project costs by US $75,000, but completed the project six weeks earlier than planned. What tool is best described here?


10. The definitive terms of a contract are written during which of the following contract phases?


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