PMP Mock Exam 1

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1. Project staff assignments are an output of which process?


2. Which of the following are outputs of the Develop Project team process?


3. Which of the following statements are false regarding RACI charts?


4. All of the following statements are true regarding proposals EXCEPT:


5. You are the project manager at a large automaker in Japan. Your project involves designing the next generation four wheel drive Sports Utility vehicle for the Asian market. Your project team is attempting to determine the right combination of suspension, tires and chassis that will ensure the stability of SUV at high speeds. Currently, you would like to measure the association between two vehicles: tire size and overall stability. Which of the following diagrams can you use?


6. The project management execution processes include all of the following EXCEPT:


7. You are the project manager for an international contract manufacturing firm with manufacturing plants and offices in India, China and Thailand. Your company designs and manufactures various consumer electronics, such as flat-screen television, laptops, and monitors etc. Your company is in the process of bidding on a project to manufacture the next generation the 128-bit video game console for X-Cube station. As a potential bidding for this project, you worked on the RFP response and submitting the proposal. The X-Cube Station selection committee received the RFP responses from all the vendors, and applied a weighted system in order to make a selection. Which of the following processes just took place?


8. You have just awarded a contract to a outside vendor and developed the corresponding contract management plan. Which process did you just complete?


9. Which of the following statements re true regarding Bidder Conferences, and Develop Qualified Sellers List?


10. All of the following are inputs to the Direct and /manage Execution process EXCEPT:


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