PMP Mock Exam 9

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1. A company has signed a contract for new work that is different from work that they have done before. The company’s strategic plan calls for much of this kind of work in the future. It is important that they be able to bring the correct shared resources together to work on different parts of the contract. The type of organization that this suggests is a:


2. In distinguishing PERT from CPM one could say that:


3. In matrix management organizations, if the organization maintains many of the characteristics of the functional organization and the project managers are considered more like project coordinators or expediters, it is called a:


4. The manager of a large corporation wants to sign a contract to build a nuclear power plant in Botswana several thousand miles away from the home office. The project will take several years to build and test. What type of organization will be best for managing this project?


5. The project manager’s leadership style should be matched to the corresponding developmental level of the project team and should move through successive steps in the following order:


6. A project manager is approached by the major stakeholder in the project and is asked to reduce the time for the scheduled completion of the project. The project manager reviews the project plans and the progress that has been made on the project. He or she decides that the best approach to solving this problem is to fast track the project until the new project completion date can be achieved. Which of the following will be done by the project manager?


7. The project manager for a project is going to use the PERT method of scheduling for the project that she is working on. Using the PERT calculation the variance for the project is found to be 25 days and the duration of the project is found to be 169 days. What is the range of values for the project duration such that there will be at least a 95% probability that the actual project completion will fall between the high and low value of the range of values?


8. A project manager would like to manage his project in such a way that he will be able to predict more accurately the duration of the project even though the estimates for the duration of the activities have a lot of variability. The project manager should use which method to more accurately predict the project completion date?


9. A project manager would like to manage his project in such a way that he will be able to identify specific tasks that should be watched and managed more closely than others. The project manager should use which method?


10. What are the major advantages of the functional type of organization?


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