PMP Mock Exam 8

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1. You are in the process of directing the performance of planned project activities and managing the various technical and organizational interfaces that exist within your project. All of the following are outputs of this process EXCEPT:


2. You are the project manager working on constructing a suspension bridge for the city of San Francisco. You’ve just conducted an earned value analysis and determined that the CPI index is 1.20 and SPI index is 1.30. Specifically, your project is coming in ahead of schedule and under budget. However, one of your structural engineers informs that he is afraid that the welding does NOT meet quality standards. Unfortunately, sub-par quality in the welds could reduce the stability of the bridge, especially is the earthquake happens. Hence, you are working with the quality assurance department to verify that whether the project will satisfy the necessary quality standards. All of the following are required in order to start this process EXCEPT:


3. Which of the following are NOT benefits of meeting quality requirements?


4. Which of the following statements are true regarding the communication process?


5. All of the following are tools/ techniques of Perform Quality Assurance EXCEPT:


6. Hertzberg proposed that the satisfaction and dis-satisfaction at work resulted from two different factors “Hygiene” and “Motivation” factors. Please select which of the following are NOT considered motivation factors?


7. Which of the following statements are TRUE regarding precision versus accuracy?


8. You are currently the project manager at a consulting company specializing in developing financial software models. Your company has been awarded a fixed fee contract to develop a sophisticated portfolio risk analysis software application for a multi-billion dollar hedge fund. During project execution, one of your team members delivers one of the completed risk analysis module to your client. The model uses the capital asset pricing model and Monte Carlo simulations to determine the best risk-adjusted returns for the portfolio. Unfortunately, the buyer refuses the deliverable, stating that the model did not meet he technical requirements as specified in the contract you have reviewed the specs, and agree with the buyer’s assessment. Which of the following is the best action to take?


9. You are the project manger at a biotech company, where you are leading a cross-functional team to develop a treatment for diabetes. The organization has a weak matrix structure, where all of your project team members report to different functional managers and none of the team member report to you directly. Your project has extremely high visibility in the company, and there is a lot of pressure on you to deliver on time and within budget. However, you are concerned whether you will have the necessary authority and power to complete the project deliverables. Which of the following types of powers will be MOST effective in your situation?


10. Which of the following best describes Maslow’s theory of motivation?


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